About Heinzel Sales

Mission Statement

The long-established Wilfried Heinzel AG forms the foundation of the current Heinzel Group and is the parent company of the Heinzel Sales business area. We number among the world’s largest pulp and paper trading houses and sales organizations.
Our company is represented in 29 countries via own offices and partnerships, and in addition to the European market we specialize mainly in international trading with newly industrialized nations and emerging markets. Our international sales network offers customers an excellent global service and at the same time long-term supplier contacts. Moreover, the group’s own production facilities ensure optimum resource management. In 2017, Heinzel Sales’ sales volume reached a total of 2.4 million tons and we delivered to customers in 103 countries.
We strongly believe in the future growth potentials in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Southern hemisphere and focus a lot of our attention on developing our business in those areas.

We strive for tailor-made solutions for our suppliers and customers in the international markets, based on our strong company values: entrepreneurship, respect and excellence.

Strategic advantages

  • Excellent language skills and in-depth knowledge of cultures and mentalities in foreign markets.
  • Tailor-made solutions: individual customer support, financing options, foreign currency management, logistics, etc.
  • International trade business worldwide and our own offices in the most important markets.
  • Increased speed to market.
  • Efficient supply chain management.

The bridge between production facilities and our customers makes us the preferred all-in-one partner in sales.

Business Strategy

Executive Letter – Heinzel Sales has further strengthened in recent years
Firstly, our major shareholder has further expanded well known manufacturers of pulp and paper, namely Zellstoff Pöls AG in Austria and AS Estonian Cell in Estonia. Secondly, our sales network has expanded with new offices in Spain, Canada and in the United States, which as further enhanced our international standing. In 2010, the Heinzel Group acquired an important paper merchant in Eastern Europe: Europapier.
In Russia, our company now focuses on trading activities and synergies with our distribution partner Europapier.
Today, Wilfried Heinzel AG moves around 2.4 million tons of pulp, paper, publication paper and board in worldwide on a yearly basis.
We continue to follow our long-term aim of being an independent link and service provider between industry and markets.
Our know-how uses marketing, logistics and financing tools in offering tailor-made solutions for customers and suppliers in the international pulp and paper market.
Our aim to be close to our customers and markets combined with strong industrial relations and our high service factor leads to continued and sustainable growth.

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