60 years Heinzel Sales

On November 20, 2008, the wind, rain and bad weather took a break for a few hours – at least for the guests who attended the 60th anniversary party of Heinzel Sales - Wilfried Heinzel AG. The chic event took place in the exclusive atmosphere of “Wolke 21“, an event location with sky lobby and terrace on the top floor of the Saturn Tower, a Viennese skyscraper. More than 200 people from over 30 countries across the globe attended the evening gala and experienced a potpourri of presentations, live music, dinner and entertainment in rooms decorated with wood chips, paper rolls and pulp bails serving as props.
The personable newscaster of radio station FM4, Steve Chaid, moderated the festivities, commencing the evening activities by requesting the presence of Heinzel Sales CEO Andrew Paul and Heinzel Group President Alfred H. Heinzel for a live interview on stage. The audience was given a quick and concise overview of the Heinzel Group companies, accompanied by animation, photos and films. The event was further enlivened by anecdotes from and about the company‘s founder Wilfried Heinzel, important milestones in corporate history, a guest commentary provided by Elise Heinzel, Wilfried Heinzel‘s widow, as well as Austropapier President Wolfgang Pfarl.

The blacklight acrobats of the Phoenix Firedancers displayed their talents between the international food served by Motto Catering and the presentation of the birthday cake. Many guests celebrated until the early morning hours, enjoying the sounds supplied by live music and a disc jockey. Successful festivities commemorating a proud anniversary.

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