As small as bees are, as great is their influence on our eco-system. Without bees there would be no apples, no strawberries, no herbs, no onions, no wine. A third of everything we eat, we owe to bees.

Albert Einstein once said:
“Once the bee disappears from the earth, man has only four years left to live.”

With all this in mind we are proud to inform that we have started a sponsorship of the beekeepers Pannonische Imkergemeinschaft. Dozens of their beehives have been placed at our sister company‘s organic farm Domaine Albrechtsfeld in Austria. Millions of bees have been pollinating everything from pumpkins to sunflowers on site. Our own heinzelsales wild blossom honey was bottled from it just a few weeks ago.

Sebastian Heinzel presenting one of the new beehives sponsored by heinzelsales

Let's see how we compare

Established (years ago) 90,000,000 70
Beehive / Office size (head count) 50,000–80,000 4–76
Products Honey, beeswax, royal jelly Pulp, paper, board
Performance 50 flights for 1 gram A few emails for thousands of tons
Lifespan 1.5–6 months 80+ years
Max. speed (in km/h) 25 1,000 (with aircraft assistance)
Operating range 3 km global
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