Heinzel Group CEO Sebastian Heinzel: Why the Paper Industry is Ahead of the Curve on Sustainability

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The Circular Economy of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp mills extract pure fibre from wood and deliver the final product pulp to paper factories. Paper mills produce graphical papers, packaging papers and sanitary papers from pulp or recycled fibres and sell them to printers and converter who deliver the final consumer products to the end users. Recycling companies collect and sort the waste paper and sell it as recycled fibre back to the paper industry. HEINZEL GROUP Is active in all stages of this cycle with its companies.

heinzelsales - Busy Bees Supporting Real Ones

As small as bees are, as great is their influence on our ecosystem. Without bees there would be no apples, no strawberries, no herbs, no onions, no wine. We are proud to inform that on the 70th anniversary of the founding of our company we started a sponsorship of beekeepers Pannonische Imkergemeinschaft in the Burgenland region of Austria.

Donation to Hospiz am Rennweg

At the end of every year heinzelsales employees in Vienna make suggestions for donations, followed by a vote. The result in 2018 was a donation of 25,000 Euro to Hospiz am Rennweg. Hospiz am Rennweg is a palliative care facility for terminal ill patients and provides grief counselling for their families.
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